Resharing user generated content (content you’re tagged in or that features your products from other Instagram users)  is a great way to buff up your Instagram presence. There are a few ways to reshare content on Instagram, but first let me explain some of the best ways to acquire the content in the first place.

Acquiring User Generated Content

Have a Brand Hashtag

Utilize a brand hashtag and ask people to use it on their posts for a chance to be featured.

Ask Past Clients/Customers

Have a strategy in place to email or contact past clients and ask for them to either submit photos or tag you in their posts

BONUS: Having a past customer post a photo of your product is essentially a recommendation from them to their followers and helps expand your exposure in an even more valuable way.

DM/Comment asking for Reshare Permission

If you see a photo of your product or if you were tagged in a post, we always recommend sending a DM or commenting asking for reshare permission.


No matter where you get your user generated content you should always – and I mean always – give the original poster credit.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are some of my favorite reshare tools available!

Ways to Reshare Content on Instagram

  1. Repost+ for Instagram 
  2. Repost for Instagram #Repost 
  3. Repost: For Instagram 

BONUS: If you have non formatted user-generated content that you want to make sure is the right size, I also recommend the app “Squareready” 

If you’re struggling on creating a user generated content campaign that converts, our team can help! Send us a note!