When it comes to digital marketing, every aspect of the process requires creativity. From the initial client pitch to the final website design, we all need to tap into our creative brains to produce the best work for our clients. Sometimes that creativity and inspiration is hard to come by, whether you’re working from an office, or from home. 

There are so many ways to find your creative center, but one of the best ways to tap into it is through a really good playlist. Sometimes you just need to put on your headphones, turn up some good music and you will find yourself in a workflow before you know it. 

Here’s a few of our favorite music playlists for creativity on both Spotify and Apple Music that will help you reconnect and get to work:


Spotify offers playlists for every type of worker. Whether you want classical or the latest pop hits, there will be something for you. Spotify even has an entire section dedicated to Focus playlists that are created with productivity and creativity in mind. 

Looking to feel like you’re working from your favorite coffee shop? Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and turn on Coffee Beats. 

Transport yourself into your favorite movie with incredible movie soundtracks and scores.  

Do you prefer lyrics as you work? Do you love TikTok? Instead of hopping on the app, just listen to all the viral songs right here.

Apple Music  

Sometimes there’s nothing more motivating during the workday like a good workout playlist. This one will help you dig into your work and produce incredible results. 

Ready to feel inspired by the divas of music? Us too. Check out this playlist featuring incredible female artists through the ages. 

Love the radio? Apple Music offers the ability to listen to your favorite radio stations from across the world. We recommend listening to one of our local favorites, The Current. 

Not feeling any of these playlists? That’s okay, there are plenty more to explore on both platforms. Find what feels right and your creativity will be flowing before you know it. 

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