When it comes to tips for writing compelling email copy, the most important thing to know is that your email success relies first and foremost on who you are sending it to. You can have the most compelling email ever written, but unless you first focus on segmentation and crafting a subject line that converts, your email content doesn’t even come into play.

Tips for Writing Compelling Email Copy

1. Create and Maintain Segmented Lists

No matter what your product is, you are going to have people on your list at all stages of the sales funnel. The most important step in a thorough email strategy is segmentation, because it allows you to send the right email to the right person.

  • Retargeting Lists: Having a robust retargeting segmentation is perfect for sending messages to someone who abandoned their cart or didn’t continue with a product after the trial period ends
  • New Subscribers: Introduce yourself to new customers and start them down your sales funnel
  • People on your list who no longer open your emails: Having this segment allows you to send last chance deals or promotions to try to reengage this audience
  • People on your list who constantly open: Target them with rewards to push additional sales or referral kickback opportunities


2. Use a Subject Line That Converts

The second most important piece is driving email opens. Our team would argue that even in the age of digital, a strong email strategy is still one of the most important things a brand can implement. It’s a good practice to get to the point with your subject lines.

  • If you’re offering a discount or sale always be sure to include that in your subject line
  • Use subject lines that imply time sensitivity “Hurry”, “Last Chance,” etc.
  • For invitations or upcoming events “Save The Date” or “You’re Invited” in the subject line tends to convert well
  • Emojis when used correctly are a fun way to break up the monotonous scroll!
  • Ask a question or use humor
  • Still stumped?


3. Email Content Best Practices

When it comes to the actual content part of tips for writing compelling email copy, the biggest advice I can give is to use email as an extension of your brand’s comprehensive marketing strategy. I strongly recommend putting together a marketing calendar for the year that lists out any big events or promotions and details out emails you will want to send. This helps you look forward and create your copy ahead of time instead of rushing to put something together at the last minute that may not be representative of your best creative.


4. Other Email Content Tips and Best Practices:

  • Consider personalizing your content. If your database includes first and/or last names, personalization can resonate with the user
  • Break up your email copy with graphics or videos to keep the viewer engaged. Infographics are awesome at getting your message across without relying solely on copy
  • Be true to your brand voice, but if it’s possible to adopt a personal tone in email, go for it! Email started off as virtual letters, so as a brand, it’s great if you’re able to bring it back to that level. If that’s not something you’re able to do, try incorporating a letter from the President or other staff members into your emails to add that personal touch!
  • Last tip: try to keep it succinct with a clear call to action


It’s unreasonable to expect to get it right the first time you send out an email! A/B testing is going to be your best friend. We always recommend trying A/B testing for subject lines, calls to action within the email body, and even email send times! If you’ve tried all the above, but you’re still stumped on how to make your email strategy work for you, I’d love to chat. Send us a note!

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