Social Media Metrics 101  

When it comes to social media tracking, focusing on what creates the most impact for  our clients and provides useful information can be found through a few different  metrics.  

What Social Media Metrics Are Most Important?  

Engagement— Engagement is the umbrella term for many different tracking metrics, such as likes, comments, shares and clicks. Engagement is widely used to track activity on your postings. Engaged audiences are more likely to act. We strive for a high engagement rate to indicate responsiveness and design content that is best suited to  our clients needs.  

Awareness— Awareness is often confused with engagement, but the two are slightly different. While you may have an engaged audience, awareness measures the impressions and reach of your audience. Impressions in this circumstance measures how many times and how often your post is showing up to your audience. Reach is measuring the potentially unique and overall spread of your audience. 

Share of Voice— Volume & Sentiment— You want to stand out! Your share of voice is how much your brand is standing out compared to competitors in your area and in the  larger scope. While working with a client, your share of voice will naturally fluctuate but our goal is to nurture and maintain your voice to keep you ahead of competitors.  

ROI: Referrals & Conversions—This metric is particularly important for our clients implementing websites or e-commerce. We are constantly monitoring referrals to better analyze how someone is landing on your website or ads.  

Customer Care: Response Rate & Time— Because our number one goal is customer engagement, it’s critical to be equally as engaged with them. Responding to comments  and questions in a timely manner shows your customers you care about their  experience, as well as hearing their feedback.  

By tracking social media metrics, the goal is to help our clients run their marketing  seamlessly. It can be a great indicator of what is working well for your brand, and  where there is room for improvement. With close tracking, you can find the best areas to invest in your marketing strategy. 

If you’re looking for help maximizing your social media content, please contact us!