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Live Tweeting Events 101: What You Need To Know

The first thing to decide when live tweeting an event is: quantity, or quality? I have yet to decide which is more valuable but it’s an important distinction to make. Are you posting every goal your Rocket League team scores, or only the most hype plays? Is it interesting for fans on social media to see a post with a really low quality goal if you decide on the former? What happens if they don’t score any “amazing” goals and you’ve decided on the latter?

In my experience, neither is a bad option but it is a bit difficult to do both. The audience will get accustomed to either style and that’s basically set in stone for the day. The key is determining which style you prefer as a social media manager, but also, do you prefer reach or engagement?

The more clips you post, the easier it is to increase your reach just from pure quantity. However, quality and less posts generally leads to engagement numbers being higher. They ultimately accomplish very similar goals, but are different routes.

I’ve typefied five tweets I post while live tweeting below, take a look at how I break them down and my thought process on when to use them.


Clips are used to highlight specific plays your fans will resonate with. Usually, these are hype plays, incredible mechanics and/or an interaction with the casters.

Medialess Tweets

The rule of including media on tweets can be circumvented if the execution is done well. In my experience, some of my most engaged tweets while live tweeting were just words highlighting a random thought viewers may share.


Graphics are a nice change of pace on the timeline and relay information to the viewer quickly. The body copy will be what carries interaction with the graphic – the viewer can’t get the context behind what transpired to result in what they’re seeing. Be sure to tell the story so people can visualize what happened and the importance of this static graphic.

Funny Highlights

Interactions with players, casters, even gameplay that are humorous, endearing or straight up unlucky are great moments to highlight. Hype gameplay is great, but players can’t hit an insane, mechanical shot or execute perfectly on a play every time. Personality endears people to your brand in the long run, hype plays keep them entertained.


The final boss. Memes are probably my most potent tool. Banter, self-deprecation, player emphasis – the possibilities are endless in how you can use them. To this point, I’d highly recommend learning how to use Adobe Creative Cloud softwares (PhotoShop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, etc). Become proficient to the point you can create something on the fly.

Every fan base is different. There are some who are more elitist, some more casual and even more who fall right in the middle. Understand who you’re talking to and adapt your strategy to fit.

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