I’m having an incredibly hard time believing that it’s been over a year since many of my peers and coworkers have stepped out of their office buildings. While working from home certainly has become normal for most people who work a desk job, so have the bad habits that come along with it. Now I’m not complaining, I love the fact that in-between zoom calls I can throw a load of laundry in and can figure out what I’m eating for lunch on the fly if need be. However, I am growing more and more aware of the bad habits I’ve picked up. For my sake, and yours as well, I wanted to share the worst working from home habits, and ways to combat them. 

Habit 1 – Forgetting To Drink Water

It sounds silly, but there are less chances to go fill your water up and go chat around that water cooler. I find myself drinking way more coffee, since I have access to my own flavors and creamer, rather than the generic coffee grounds the office manager buys. The way I find myself drinking more water has been getting a good water bottle. It’s like a shiny new toy. My personal favorite is Simple Modern Tumbler and I also have been using a gallon bottle to ensure I get a gallon of water in during the day. Somedays I don’t but the thought is always there.

Habit 2 – Starting My Day Without a Plan

I am very guilty of plopping down at my work from home desk and having absolutely no idea where I left off on a Friday. The best way to break this is to make sure to write down everything that you left off, make your Monday “To Do list” before you clock out for the weekend. This makes the Monday blues a lot more manageable. 

Habit 3 – Leaving Your Workspace Unorganized 

It’s not messy it’s organized chaos! A statement I say far too much. When your workspace is messy, it directly translates into your home being messy. I have found that leaving my desk and office neat and tidy at the end of the day, I’m more inspired to keep the rest of my home clean. There is nothing worse than cleaning and realizing that the clutter that has formed around your house is all work related. Happy office, happy life!

Habit 4 – TOO Much Screen time

I often find myself going from big screen to little screen to biggest screen. Switching from my computer to my phone then at the end of the day to my TV. Obviously, if we were in the office, we’d all still be on our screens. However, the only way to see you coworkers now is on the screen. I highly recommend taking a screen free lunch, as it gets nicer out, go for walks, when safe. My personal favorite way to combat this has been reading at night. Reading at night is proven to help improve your memory and will lead to a better night’s sleep. Helps shut off the brain in order to get a good night’s sleep and be ready for the new day. 

These are just the four habits I’ve found myself experiencing. Overall, there are so many more, but I for one cannot wait to go back into the office and look at all my coworkers face to face and have a whole new set of habits. 

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