Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklist

Every page on your website, including blogs, should be optimized for search engines. A search engine’s purpose is to deliver high quality and relevant websites to people searching about a specific topic or question. There are over a billion websites in the world. By ensuring each page on your website is optimized for the right keywords you are giving your content a better chance to show up.

How do you determine what keywords you should be ranking for?

Keyword research is a very important step in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are some free tools available out there like the Google Keyword Planner Tool to identify relevant keywords for your business as a starting point, but for a more advanced strategy that helps you compete, we recommend working with an SEO specialist to map out the right keywords for not only your on-page optimization, but for future content and backlinking optimizations.

If you’re looking for help building out your keyword strategy, let us know!

SEO rank isn’t an instant change. Once you’ve optimized your on-page content, it takes the search engines some time to crawl through all of the websites to cache and index content and we recommend to all of our clients that a best practice is to also incorporate a strong content strategy with those same keywords to help your rank increase faster.

Our free SEO Checklist is an easy tool to make sure that you have all the Search Engine Optimization basics covered to get you started!