Facebook Live is a great way to include video into your marketing strategy without breaking the bank. Due to the current Facebook algorithm, a normal post on Facebook usually shows up to 2-5% of the people who like the page. When a page goes live on Facebook, Facebook sends out a pop up notification to everyone who likes that page.

Our Free Facebook Live Guide helps you strategize ahead on topics and schedule out your Facebook Live!

To determine when you should go live, go to your page’s insights to see when the majority of your audience is online. Visit your page > Click Insights > Posts. This will show what days and times you have the most activity. On the example below, we would likely choose to go live Monday at 6pm.

facebook live guide

Once you’ve determined what date and time you are going to go live: tell your fans!

Post a few days before telling people to mark their calendars. We also recommend spending some dollars to boost this post to fans of your page and also sending out an e-mail to your database!

For our Facebook Live Checklist CLICK HERE.

Going live on Facebook is great but to get the most out of it for your brand, it is important that you are providing relevant content to your audience. Utilizing our Free Facebook Live Guide will help you to brainstorm different ideas that are relevant to your business (how-to videos, tours, staff intros, etc), as well as create an SEO optimized title ahead of time and to plan any necessary talking points. When you’re live and the camera is on, it can be easy to forget basics so we’ve found that having a cheat sheet is a necessary safety blanket!