A strong content strategy is one of the most important marketing pieces for any brand. When done right, blogging is one of the most valuable and versatile ways you can keep in front of your audience. Blogs can easily be turned into social posts across all of your platforms to help establish yourself as an industry expert and be used to create a monthly newsletter that you can send out to your database. Having a great blog strategy also helps with your website’s rank on search engines.

Implementing a blog content calendar allows you to do a lot of the important topic, keyword, and title research up front. It also allows you to keep track of who is writing what and stay on top of your publish dates. Our team loves having our blog content calendar easily accessible to everyone so we can use it to brainstorm new topics to cover and add important stats or notes to blogs already listed.

Our Blog Content Calendar Template includes sections for search engine optimization keywords as well as an SEO optimized title, slug, and image alt tags. It also includes some important marketing reminders like including a call to action and internal and external links.

You may be sold on blogging, but if you’re asking yourself: what should you be writing blogs about? Our team specializing in planning and creating content for our clients. Let us help you develop your strategy!