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Facebook Live is a great way to boost engagement on your Facebook page and provide quality content that doesn’t require high production costs. Here are my top tips you should keep in mind from both a technical and content perspective as you get started!

Use third party software

If you want to take your Facebook Live to the next level, using third party software to stream your Live can elevate the quality of your content and make it stand out. For Mac users, we recommend using a user friendly tool called Ecamm Live.  Ecamm Live or another similar tool gives you more options to add branding to your Lives, switch between different camera angles, and do screen shares among many other technical upgrades that it offers. Viewers will notice and appreciate the effort to produce a polished and thought-out Facebook Live. Additionally, one of the benefits of using software like Ecamm Live is the ability to practice your Live beforehand to check that everything is running smoothly and you can go through what you’re planning on saying.

Double check your internet

We recommend using data or an ethernet cable for your internet connection in order to avoid unreliable WiFi. Losing your connection through a stream may happen to you – and that’s ok – but viewers will quickly lose patience if you are unable to stream the entire time due to a poor internet connection. Make sure you’re confident in your internet connection before starting your Live so you don’t need to worry about any technical difficulties during it.

Create a lower third

A lower third is a branded banner that you create to go across the lower part of your video. Your banner can consist of your brand’s logo or be a call to action, such as a website URL or a phone number to call for a consultation or appointment. Creating a lower third makes your Facebook Live immediately identifiable and recognizable to the viewer and adds another opportunity to push your branding.

Plan your content

Like all other aspects of digital marketing, your Facebook Live will benefit from planning ahead and creating a content calendar. Research relevant topic ideas and build out outlines for each Live. Your Live will always seem more polished and professional when you have a plan and are able to deliver the information in an organized and cohesive way. An outline should consist of bullet points of roughly what topics you want to cover. Don’t feel chained to your outline, but having that roadmap in front of you can help stay on topic and keep your content tight and consistent.

Interact with your audience

There are many benefits to doing a Facebook Live – which you can read in our blog HERE – but one of them is the chance to interact with real people, of course! Take the time at the beginning of your Live to introduce yourself and ask your audience questions while they hop on. After initially welcoming your audience, make sure to provide opportunities to engage with them throughout the live. It’s especially effective to ask them to engage with each other in the comment section by asking questions that require them to respond to other commenters. Don’t be afraid to ask users to engage and share your video – viewers respond positively to prompts like that.

Show some personality – but don’t forget who you’re representing!

If you’re low energy and not excited about the content you’re discussing, the audience will catch on and grow bored. Show some personality and be extra enthusiastic while on camera, but also remember: you’re there to represent your brand. Stay polished and professional but make sure your energy and enthusiasm matches the voice and tone of your brand. 

Facebook Live is a great way to increase engagement on your page and create quality video content that doesn’t require expensive camera and editing equipment. If you’re interested in learning more about how incorporating Facebook Live can help your marketing strategy, send us a message!

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