Free email automation strategy template

An email automation strategy is an important part of the lead funnel. It allows you to anticipate what information the client still needs prior to making a final decision and enables you to continue telling your brand’s story.

The emails you send will strongly depend on the segmented audience, but for new sign-ups we generally recommend a 3-5 email automation strategy.

Starting with a welcome email that goes out immediately or within an hour of sign-up is pretty standard. After that, the frequency of when you send your emails really depends on your own user journey.

If you know your customers make a decision within 48 hours, sending another email 24 hours out and an additional reminder email a week later could be a great strategy for you. If you know your customer journey averages 2 months, it makes sense to send one out 48-72 hours later and then moving those emails to a week out after that.

Our Email Automation Strategy Document includes sections for the segment name, subject lines, timing, messaging, links to videos or image references, and the call to action.

Know that you want to add an email automation strategy into your marketing, but stuck on what content you should be creating? Our team specializes in email automation marketing. Let us help you develop a strategy that converts!