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At Wisdom we believe moving forward requires not only logic and numbers, but a collective passion, heart and knowledge. We drew inspiration for our logo and our story from the Norse God of Wisdom, Odin, and his ravens. To Odin, these ravens – Huggin (meaning “idea”) and Muninn (meaning “memory”) – are his eyes and ears into the world. Each morning at dawn, the two ravens fly to the human realm, watching, listening, and talking to its people. When the night falls the ravens return to Odin, sitting on his shoulders and whispering their stories in his ear, sharing their newly acquired knowledge and imparting their wisdom.

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“We’ve been impressed with how strategic and responsive the Wisdom digital team has been to the rapidly changing needs of our clients. By working hand-in-hand with Wisdom to strategize and provide social media content, branding, web design and development for our athletes, we’ve been able to exceed expectations. We love our partnership with Wisdom and would highly recommend them.”

Case Donahue, Director of Football Ops, The Institute for Athletes



“One of the best business decisions Thielen Foundation has made is contracting Wisdom for services pertaining to social media, website development/updates and overall communications. Being a small staff, it is important for us to maximize our efforts to be effective in achieving our mission goals — so having a trusted partner in Wisdom is critical to our success. The staff at Wisdom proactively delivers new creative concepts and innovation to our projects and partnerships that adds value to our organization.”

Amy Sinclair, Executive Director, Thielen Foundation


“Tara and her team at Wisdom have done an exceptional job marketing our company. They listened, asked questions, and really got a great understanding of our needs. At our monthly meetings they take the time to explain what has been going on, the positives, and things they plan on trying. They want us to succeed as much as we do! Since we switched to Wisdom, we have seen a dramatic increase in our website traffic. Our business is thriving now that Wisdom is our marketing company!”

Scot Ziesman, President and Owner, The Professional Massage Academy


Wisdom was born out of a desire to share collective knowledge and discover uncharted paths. We are a diverse team of marketing experts and avid gamers, built to move the needle for brands looking to leverage new ways of achieving business goals.  

Navigating the cross-relationship between marketing, esports and gaming requires experienced insiders who speak the language and know how to make things happen. That’s where we come in.  

Through powerful campaigns, content, experiences, and partnerships, we help brands achieve goals and create new visions.