Managing a business’s social media profile can be a large responsibility. It’s important to create meaningful content that reflects your business, establishes brand awareness, and positions you as authoritative in your industry. Content such as this can require a lot of time, effort, and creativity. Today, we will be going over 5 tips that will help you create more meaningful content for your LinkedIn audience!


Why is meaningful content important?

Meaningful content is just one of the ways your brand creates a relationship with its consumers and audience. Providing content that establishes brand identity while also helping/solving problems for your consumer is a great way to build a trusting audience. This will in return create a community where people have a positive association with your company. 

It can be hard to know where to start, so here are a few tips on how to make the quality content come to life.


Engage Instead of Sell

Stay away from selling or intense promotions on LinkedIn. While this is good content for some platforms, LinkedIn is about creating community and sharing the “Why’s” behind your business, team, and methods. It’s a great place to engage with others and get your brand out there to increase awareness, ultimately creating a trusting relationship between you and your audience. A sense of community built through LinkedIn keeps your community growing, thus growing your business opportunities.



Use Images and Video

It’s important to have images of your people, products, and services with each post, while avoiding stock images when possible. Simple images with little text allow your audience not to be over-stimulated while still being interested in the message you are trying to convey. Putting a small section of a review, interesting fact, or key point of your products or services act as an attention-getter in your post’s image.

If you have access to video content, it can be a great tool to drive engagement in your posts. Most of the time, if people are interested in a topic and have the option for video or text, they will watch the video. Video also allows the audience to get an even deeper understanding of your business, brand qualities, and priorities that you may not get from one picture.



Write Quality Copy

Well written and interesting copy is also important in elevating your posts. The first sentence attention-getter is a great way to get someone to stop scrolling and take a deeper look at your post and business. Your target audience is who you are writing to. Think of what you would like them to know and start creating content from there.



Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

Posting at the right time can be critical to gaining the reach and attention you want. Checking LinkedIn insights for your current audience or researching LinkedIn audience trends online is a great starting point to create a posting schedule with maximum engagement levels in mind. Posting consistently is also important as it gives your audience a consistent level of content without them becoming overwhelmed. To start, schedule 8-10 posts a month (or 2/week) to keep your brand growing and relevant. 



Interact With Followers

Interact with those who engage with your posts. This could be responding to comments, liking comments or taking helpful suggestions from your audience and applying it to future content. When a brand recognizes and interacts with consumers, it entices other consumers to engage in the conversation, ultimately creating a community.


These 5 tips are easy ways to improve your LinkedIn performance and get your brand in front of a larger audience. The more reach you have, the more likely you will find your target audience and build a loyal community. Many of these tips are transferable to other social platforms you may be on as well. Give them a try and watch your LinkedIn community grow!


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